Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Book Review: Paper Roses

Paper Roses by Amanda Cabot (Texas Dreams book 1)

Her future stretched out like the clear blue Texas sky. 
But a storm is coming.

Leaving the past behind in Philadelphia, mail-order bride Sarah Dobbs arrives in San Antonio ready to greet her groom---a man she has never met but whose letters, her paper roses, have won her heart from afar. But there is a problem---Austin Canfield is dead, and Sarah cannot go back East.

As Sarah tries to reconcile herself to a future that is drastically changed, Austin's brother Clay wants nothing more than to shake the Texas dust from his boots, but first he must find his brother's killer. And then there's Sarah.

Something is blooming out in the vast Texas landscape that neither Clay nor Sarah is ready to admit, and the promise of redemption blows like a gentle breeze through the prairie grasses.

At first this book was terribly slow moving and way too descriptive for my taste, lingering far to long on the character's thoughts and feelings, but after a while it seemed to be a bit less descriptive and I did enjoy it. It still was rather wordy and a book that was nearly impossible to read quickly; sometimes it seemed like the author threw in big words just because, as if flaunting her word knowledge. Still the story did have depth and that's what kept me interested. I had to keep reading to discover who Austin's killer was! As far as the romance part it was predictable, but still sweet. I really liked Clay. He was probably my favorite character in the book. Not a super thrilling story that everyone simply must read but still worth the read. I'd give it a 3.5.

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