Friday, October 12, 2012


So... seeing as this is my first post I suppose I'll start by saying a little bit about myself. Firstly, my name is Piper, obviously. I like to read and write and am currently writing several novels... I hope to one day be a published author, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen for quite some time. So, until then, I'll blog.
A few random things about me? Well, I love to drink tea, almost any kind of tea is great. I love black cats and have one named Jaina, whom I love dearly. Recently I have taken up the hobby of sketching and found that I'm not so bad at it. I especially love to draw anime and hope to one day be super awesomely good at it. My favorite food is most likely lasagna... most likely. It might not be though... you may never know. Let's see... this year I saw The Dark Knight Rises and I thought it was awesome. So yeah, I like The Dark Knight Rises. I also like chocolate. Who doesn't? I love to read... wait, I already said that... well on that note, I have a growing library of books and I haven't been reading as much as I ought lately so I need to do that. Yeah, that was just a little note for myself right there. Gotta read more. Anyway, moving on...
I absolutely love nature and exploring outside. I may not do a lot of exploring these days but I still love it. I like cute little creeks with waterfalls flowing into them and grassy fields filled with wild flowers. I also love thunderstorms, especially Summer thunderstorms. Oh, and the smell of rain. It's glorious. Another thing about me, I used to (and I must admit still am to a certain degree) be obsessed with cool, crisp mornings with dew on the grass. When I was younger I would start writing books (which never got very far) and they almost always started out with a girl waking up and then stepping out onto her balcony into the cool crisp morning. And then it would go on to explain the girl getting dressed and I always loved explaining her outfit in detail. Haha.
I also used to torture small rodents and insects when I was a wee lass... yes, I once smashed a toad to death with a  broom and poked a mole to death with a stick... and put salt on a slug... and pulled the lights off of lightning bugs... so yeah, I was a crazy little girl! But don't worry, I treat the little critters with much more respect now that I'm a responsible adult... except for spiders... and other bugs that I might find harmful/unattractive...
 And now maybe you'd like to know my music interests. Nah, that's in the "About Me" area, isn't it... okay then, perhaps you'd like to know that I am second to the youngest of 9 and am an aunt of 18! Yeah, I'm just cool like that. Big families are awesome. It's kind of funny/sad that some people think 4 kids is a big family now days!
And finally, last but certainly not least, I am a Born again, Spirit-filled, one sin seperates you from God Christian and I love the Lord with my whole heart!
And on that note... peace out!

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  1. What a lovely first post! I especially like the part where you outline your sentimentality of your younger years with the dewy dawns and the young girls and straightaway talk about mutilating random animals. Perfect Piper-style ;)