Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Book review: To Everything a Season

To Everything a Season 
Lauraine Snelling

Trygve Knuton is devoted  to his family and his community. With his job on the construction crew, he is helping to build a future for the North Dakota town of blessing. Though he loves his home, he sometimes dreams of other horizons--especially since meeting Miriam Hastings.

Miriam is in Blessing to get practical training to become an accredited nurse. She's been promised a position in the Chicago women's hospital that will enable her to support her siblings and her ailing mother. Although eager to return to her family, Miriam is surprised to find how much she enjoys the small town of Blessing. And her growing attachment to Trygve soon has her questioning a future she always considered set in stone.

When a family emergency calls Miriam home sooner than planned, will she find a way to return? If not, will it mean losing Trygve--and her chance at love--for good?

So that's what it says on the back of the book... from the sound of that this book is about Miriam and Trygve, right? Nope. Miriam doesn't even come into the story until chapter SIXTEEN! Going by the description, I thought this would be an interesting story, as I like most anything that has to do with doctors/nurses etc. But really, what it says up there is only a very small portion of the story. This book is supposed to be the first in the series, but there are already two other series about these same characters and town, so unless you've read those, you'll be lost! There are way too many characters that it follows and mentions, and all throughout it I was confused as to who this person was and how they were related to that person and so forth. Not to mention the fact that the book really didn't have much of a plot at all. It was mostly this huge family's day-to-day lives with random things suddenly thrown in to add a little excitement. The romance was very disappointing and short, and wasn't even resolved by the end of the book, leaving you no choice but to read the next one in the series if you want to find out how things end up between Miriam and Trygve.
Basically, this book felt like a big mess and the author has an odd style of explaining things. There were some things I liked in the book and found interesting, but overall it was just too many characters going about their days and I just didn't find that interesting. So, unless you've read other books by this author and positively love her stories, I wouldn't suggest reading this book.

I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House publishing company in exchange for my honest review.

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