Thursday, March 27, 2014

Book Review: Dark Justice

Brandilyn Collins

What did he say? 
                  What does it mean?

While driving along a rural road, Hannah Shire and her aging mother, 
who suffers from dementia, stop to help a man at the scene of a car accident.
The man whispers mysterious words in Hannah's ear. Soon there are people
---perhaps even law enforcement---who want to kill her and her mom 
for what they "know."
The two women must flee for their lives. But how does Hannah hide
her confused parent, who just wants to listen to her favorite pop music,
wear her purple hat, and go home? If they turn to Hannah's daughter for
help, she could fall into danger as well. 
Surrounded by trouble, Hannah must keep all three generations of
women in her family alive. Only then does she learn the threat is not just to
them, but the entire country . . .

This book was quite intriguing, and caught my interest from the very beginning. It's a very suspenseful edge-of-your-seat sort of read, leaving you wondering what will happen next with the turn of every page, thus making it a quick and easy read. Most of the book is written in first person's perspective from Hannah's point of view, but there were some parts written in third person where it switched to her daughter's point of view, and a couple other characters. It was a very clipped and to the point sort of writing style, not focusing too long on any one thing, which helped with the fast flow of the story. Sometimes that was nice and sometimes it kind of annoyed me, but overall it's not a big deal. If you're in the mood for a riveting suspense that will keep you coming back to the book to learn what happens next, I recommend this book! It does have quite a bit of violence and killing in it, as well as break-ins and kidnappings, so if that sort of stuff bothers you it's probably not the book for you. This was the first book I've read by this author, and after reading it (and "Praise" for her other books) I would certainly like to read more by her! I give this book a 4.5.

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