Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Book Review: Twilight's Serenade

Twilight's Serenade (Song of Alaska #3) by Tracie Peterson

Britta Lindquist left Sitka six years ago in an attempt to distance herself from the love of her life, Yuri Belikov. Upon her return, she finds Yuri absent and his wife about to deliver a child. When tragedy strikes, Britta suddenly finds herself caring for Yuri's children---and her life intertwining with the man she's tried so hard to forget.

But Britta's other great love is for the violin, and her talent is recognized by Brenton Maltese, a conductor from England. The coveted first-chair position in his orchestra could be hers... but what is the cry of her heart?

At a crossroads, Britta must determine
               what her heart truly longs for---and
                                          if she's willing to fight for it.

I finished this book several weeks ago and kept forgetting to write a review for it. This was the third book in a series and I have read the first two books before it. It's not super fresh in  my mind but it was pretty good and I did enjoy it, though if I remember correctly I don't think it was quite as good as the other two books in the series. Britta wasn't the typical heroine of these type of books and I liked that, and the book did take some turns that I wasn't expecting. However, the series is supposed to be music oriented (being called Song of Alaska) but I don't think there was a single part in it where Britta played her violin. They did talk about her trip she went on where she played in some orchestras but that happened before the beginning of the book, and I kept expecting there to be a scene where she finally gets out her violin and plays again, but if I remember correctly that never happened. Still, it was a cute love story and a good ending to the series. I have read several books by Tracie Peterson and I will read more. She's one of my favorite authors.


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