Friday, February 8, 2013

Book Review: A Sound Among the Trees

A Sound Among the Trees by Susan Meissner

As a young bride, Susannah Page was rumored to be a Civil War spy for the North, a traitor to her Virginian roots. Her great-granddaughter Adelaide, the current matriarch of Holly Oak, doesn't believe that Susannah's ghost haunts the antebellum mansion looking for a pardon, but rather that the house itself bears a grudge toward its tragic past.
When Marielle Bishop marries into the family and is transplanted from the arid west to her husband's home, she is soon led to believe that the house she's just settled into brings misfortune to the women who live there.
With Adelaide's richly peppered superstitions and deep family roots at stake, Marielle must sort out the truth about Susannah Page and Holly Oak---and make peace with the sacrifices she has made for love.

I thought this to be a fairly intriguing read. One that kept me interested from beginning to end and scarcely had any boring parts. It was well written and the imagery quite colorful. I could very nearly imagine myself there at Holly Oak, in the parlor or the garden. The author had a nice way of describing the scenery.
The part I liked the best and found myself most swept up in was the letters Susannah wrote to her cousin. It was most intriguing learning of her life and the struggles she, her aunt, mother and grandmother faced amidst the terrors of war. All in all it was an enjoyable read, though it was supposed to be a Christian book yet it scarcely even mentioned God or brought out that the Characters were Christians and even had some language in it. But still a very interesting book and one that I would recommend to others.

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for this honest review.

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